This bibliography explores the leadership archetypes discussed in the book Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox


For an overview see Chapter 5 “Possibilities: See your Dreamer’s Vision”
in Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox

Featured Organizations: Zappos & Pixar

Zappos CEO’s Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, part memoir, part business book. See also the WSJ review here. Watch a 30-minute interview with Hsieh. Pixar: See Creativity, Inc. by Pixar President Ed Catmull; “one of the half-dozen best books that have been written about creative business and creative leadership. Ever.” Click here for the full article in Forbes. See also HBR article “How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity”

On purpose and vision

On innovation, creativity and exploring possibilities

On inspiring others with the vision (storytelling and creating meaning)


For an overview see Chapter 6 “Perspectives: Understand Your Thinker’s Insight”
in Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox

Featured Organization: Santa Fe Institute, independent science and technology think tank. Click here for their series of video lectures, including talks about what we can learn from deadly diseases, what smart machines learn from people and how Mayan culture is relevant to the modern world

On overcoming thinking errors & how to think clearly in a complex world

  • The work of Professor Max Bazerman on overcoming cognitive blinds spots. For the HBR article and a 50-minute companion webinar click here. For a book review, click here.
  • Mastermind: How to think like Sherlock Holmes by Maria Konnikova. Read this review of the book in The Guardian
  • Browse Scientific American blogs about the mind, including how exercise improves cognition and understanding marketing illusions
  • Five Elements of Effective Thinking by Mathematics Professors Edward Burger and Michael Starbird. Click here for a high level summary in The Washington Times; watch a 4 minute video of Burger
  • Part IV: “Thinking” from How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb. Synthesizes latest from behavioral science (combining psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience) on how to make wise decisions and reach insight
  • The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande. Click here for short reviews from Malcom Gladwell and others. Lessons from a surgeon: “Gawande begins by making a distinction between errors of ignorance (mistakes we make because we don’t know enough), and errors of ineptitude (mistakes we made because we don’t make proper use of what we know). Failure in the modern world, he writes, is really about the second of these errors … Experts need checklists –literally– written guides that walk them through the key steps in any complex procedure.”
  • A clever and comprehensive online resource for problem solving tactics: “Over Fifty Problem Solving Strategies” Explained by John Malouff Ph.D., Professor at UNE, Australia at the School of Behavioral, Cognitive and Social Sciences

On considering multiple perspectives – including harnessing the multi-generational workforce


For an overview see Chapter 7 “Feel your Lover’s Heart”
in Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox

Featured Organization: Pal’s Sudden Service. A fast food chain becoming a cult thanks to the human touch: “rediscovering the power of human connection in a world that is being reshaped by technology. Put simply, we’re now in a world where it’s just as important to be kind as it is to be clever.” Click here for the full article. See also the Inc. article

On emotions and wellbeing

On collaboration and engaging with others

Other interesting Lover material

  • Andre Agassi’s Open: An Autobiography. See the review in The Wall Street Journal. The tennis player explores his relationships, what affect these had on his rise to fame, how he was able to reconcile with his father and devote himself to humanitarian causes. Considered a superb memoir of an extraordinary life
  • Book (and major motion pictures) The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. Biographical sports story from ‘one of the premier chroniclers of our age’, journalist Michael Lewis. True story of poor, illiterate teenager whose fierce protection of those he loves becomes his greatest asset on the football field


For an overview see Chapter 8 “Performance: Carry Your Warrior’s Sword and Shield”
in Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox

Featured Organization: The Energy Project. For the latest on managing energy, the trouble with multi-tasking and how to sustain high performance over time, visit The Energy Project’s resources including a regular blog and case studies of addressing employee energy at Google, Ernst & Young and Wachovia

Warrior disciplines

The qualities of and lessons from Warriors


For an overview see: Chapter 9 “Perception: Awaken Your Lookout”
in Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox

Featured Organization: The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society. While focused on bringing the contemplative arts and reflective practices to higher education, this organization has useful resources for everyone. Visit the “tree of contemplative practices”, refer to attending retreats for listings and testimonials

On ‘being centered’, differentiating, and becoming the observer of your inner state


For an overview see: Chapter 10 “Presence: Let Your Captain Steer the Ship”
in Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox

Featured Organization: Aligning purpose with masterful action: The Strozzi Institute for Embodied Leadership. The Institute offers training and resources. Its mission is “to produce leaders and organizations that embody pragmatic wisdom, skilful action, and grounded compassion; who can use conflict as a generative force.” Click here for a short video

On situational awareness and information overload

On cultivating presence

On stewardship and handling complexity

Other Captain related titles


For an overview see Chapter 11 “Path: Grow Your Voyager”
in Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox

Featured Organization: Minds at Work bringing the work of Dr. Kegan and Dr.Lahey to the individual and organizational changes that we struggle to address despite heartfelt efforts. Visit to Harvard’s archive of the online course about how to tackle the “immunity to change”

The inner journey: lifelong learning and neuroplasticity

On changing your narrative

On navigating change and major transitions