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Big Four® Profile Survey

Welcome to the Big Four® Profile Survey!

Each of us has a Big Four® profile, made up of our inner Dreamer, Thinker, Lover and Warrior. When we inflate some of the Big Four® and deflate others, our profile can fall out of balance.  When that happens, we suffer a Performance Gap®.

This brief 10 minute survey will help you get a sense of your Big Four®. When you start to understand your profile, you can experiment with adjusting the parts of your profile that need it so you can begin to close your own Performance Gaps®.

Once you finish the survey, we will send you the “Inner Qualities of the Big Four” learning resource. It is a handy summary of the Winning from Within® method, which charts out the Big Four® and their leadership skills. We will also send you our quarterly Winning from Within® newsletter, full of tips and advice to help you “win from within” in leadership and in life.

Before beginning the survey, please share some basic contact information. This information will be used only for sending the learning tools and event information mentioned above. Your privacy is very important to us.  We will not sell, rent, or share this mailing list with anyone.