Erica Ariel Fox has a mission:

To guide leaders back to their heroic nature, so they can lead the future toward wholeness

About Erica Ariel

For over two decades, Erica has innovated a body of thought – Winning From Within® – and created a methodology – VoyagerWork – that birthed a breathtaking integration of old and new wisdom on human development.

She is a pioneer in bringing profound exploration of the inner world to leaders who influence the outer world.

Winning From Within

A breakthrough method for leading, living, and lasting change

Winning From Within: A breakthrough method for leading, living, and lasting change

Meet Erica

About the Book

Based on her two decades of experience coaching clients in both the private and public sectors Winning from Within®: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living and Lasting Change a New York Times Bestseller by leadership expert Erica Ariel Fox helps readers learn to navigate high stakes interactions – from business deals, client calls, and team meetings to family arguments, landlord disputes, and parent-teacher conferences – and improve results at work and at home.

With advice relevant to every conversation that matters, personally and professionally, Winning from Within® shares anecdotes, business examples and public exemplars that help readers to better understand where they get stuck and how to close their performance gap for greater results in business and in life.

Erica sees Winning from Within® as a logical next step, following two previous books originating from Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation (PON), the world’s leading think tank on making deals and resolving disputes. In the first book, Getting to Yes (1981), William Ury and the late Roger Fisher offered the seminal advice to separate the people from the problem. In the second book, Difficult Conversations (1999), Doug Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen added the vital interpersonal advice of what to do when in fact the people are the problem. Now, in Winning from Within® (with a foreword by William Ury), Harvard Law Lecturer Erica Ariel Fox builds on the work of her mentors and colleagues and explores the final critical dimension – what to do when you are the problem.

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“Erica is an amazingly inspiring person. She possesses a unique blend of deep intellectual competence and broad practical experience. I am convinced she can have a profoundly positive impact on any leader, in any industry, in any part of the world.”

“I have been on the Executive Board of a Global Company and I work with CEO’s all around the world, and I see what we need. Erica’s work is what we need.”

“Erica is one of the most amazing people I’ve met. Her insight and ability to get human beings to aspire, and the journey she takes them on is an incredible gift. And the way she has that gift in the first place, and the way she uses it is something fantastic for humanity and the world is a massively better place because Erica is on this planet and uses her talents to that effect.”

“Erica has a unique ability to bring out the best in one’s self, coupled with deep introspection and reflection, opportunities which busy executives rarely find the time to explore.  Her methods grounded behind her incredible book, Winning from Within, are really quite unique.  You emerge with a confidence to make changes to your personal and professional lives.  I look forward to collaborating with Erica for many years to come.”

“Erica ignited in me the ability see inside myself, the ability for me to connect with people in the world around me, and to see things a lot more clearly.  I was able to identify what I need to be present and available when I am there and as part of the group.  I think it has made me a better person.  It has given me an outlook, in terms of what I would need to achieve.  It has given me deep introspection ability to be able to identify and feel the presence of people and able to connect effectively with the people I lead.”


“Erica Fox is an innovator in integrating transformational work with practical approaches to negotiation and leadership. Her book is a new approach that will make a difference at both work and home alike.”

Deepak Chopra

Bestselling Author of The Soul of Leadership

“Erica Ariel Fox has a wonderfully engaging writing style—clear, funny, touching. In this appealingly personal, professional, and practical book, Fox brings the world of negotiation to a whole new level, by including the missing dimension, the ‘inner game’: What is the agenda you are driving, and what is the agenda that is driving you?”

Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey

Authors of Immunity to Change Faculty, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

“A remarkable contribution from a new voice. If you read one leadership book this year, pick Winning From Within®.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Bestselling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Winning from Within® offers a powerful and practical method for character development, a missing link in leadership development that is increasingly essential for new and seasoned executives alike.  Erica Ariel Fox’s unerring, beautiful prose makes the journey toward a better self one that you won’t want to miss.”

Amy C. Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and the author of Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate and Compete in the Knowledge Economy (Jossey-Bass, 2012)

“Erica Ariel Fox has created an imaginative, innovative, and powerful toolbox for helping manage our inner world. Winning From Within® maps a path to a better life.”

Daniel Goleman

Bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence

“Every so often a star is born, illuminating what we thought was commonplace or inevitable and fundamentally rearranging the way we think. Erica Ariel Fox is such a star. She offers dazzling, effective, deeply transformational insights, not merely into what we do, but into who we are and can become. Read her. Your life could change as a result.”

Kenneth Cloke

Author of Mediating Dangerously Founder of Mediators Beyond Borders

“I am privileged to teach with Erica Ariel Fox at Harvard and have witnessed her impact on public sector leaders. She is a visionary leader in her own right and her Winning from Within method will foster insight and wisdom in all who read this soon to be classic book.”

Jamil Mahuad

Executive Education Faculty at Harvard Kennedy School and former President of Ecuador (1998-2000)