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Winning From Within

A breakthrough method for leading, living, and lasting change.

About Erica’s Book

Winning from Within®: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living and Lasting Change, a New York Times Bestseller by leadership expert Erica Ariel Fox, helps readers learn to navigate high stakes interactions – from business deals, client calls, and team meetings to family arguments, landlord disputes, and parent-teacher conferences – and improve results at work and at home.

With advice relevant to every conversation that matters, personally and professionally, Winning from Within® shares anecdotes, business examples, and public exemplars that help readers to better understand where they get stuck and how to close their performance gap for greater results in business and in life.

In Winning from Within® (with a foreword by William Ury), Harvard Law Lecturer Erica Ariel Fox builds on the work of her mentors and colleagues and explores the final critical dimension – what to do when you are the problem.

My first friend in the Netherlands, Larry Nemo.

Learn more about Larry Nemo in Winning From Within, Chapter 10, page 293

First book signing!

Amsterdam airport.

Railway station in The Netherlands.

Signing hundreds of books!

Erica signing books.

Denver, Colorado.

Erica signing books at Barnes & Noble.

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