What is Winning From Within®?

Winning from Within® gives executives a map of their inner lives and a methodology for turning past leadership breakdowns into future leadership breakthroughs.

Both the book and the executive development programs teach clients how to recognize their “inner top team” – The Inner CEO, or The Dreamer; The Inner CFO, or The Thinker; The Inner CHRO, or The Lover; and the Inner COO, or The Warrior. That team is supervised by an “inner board of directors” – The Lookout; The Captain, and The Voyager.

When leaders understand and embrace their full inner top team – also called The Big Four® – they learn how to balance reason, willpower, emotion and intuition. Most people begin the Voyager journey with one or two of these inner strengths hidden from view while at the same time they overuse one or two others. These dynamics create what Winning From Within calls A Performance Gap® – the distance between what they can do in potential and what they currently do in practice. Immersive Voyager Programs take clients into self-exploration and skill-development that closes their core Performance Gaps and launches them into self-development for the rest of their lives.