Erica Ariel Fox, author of Winning from Within®: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change, offers keynote speeches and presentations at conferences around the globe.  A Lecturer at Harvard Law School she presents practical case examples from her coaching work with senior executives in both the private and public sectors.  Her keynotes also include personal anecdotes that are universally appealing.  Over the course of her presentations audience members increasingly come to understand that the most important negotiations we have every day are with ourselves.  Erica’s presentations focus on leadership topics such as the Seven Step Method® described in Winning from Within® and related topics in her areas of expertise in human capital such as negotiation, communication, large scale culture change and driving organizational health.

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Erica Ariel Fox is the author of "Winning From Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change." This videos gather different key moments of Erica Ariel Fox.

Speaking Topics

The world around us makes our heads spin. Disruptive technology. Wild cards in the market. Unprecedented storms and droughts. Terrorism springing up at home. How do we engage the role of leading when the whole world feels like a tsunami? Erica Ariel Fox will offer an unconventional answer: the key to successful leadership today is learning to lead yourself. Paradoxically, the best resource you have to navigate the external world is knowing how to leverage your internal world. She will introduce you to a new leadership agenda: meeting your “inner top team” and learning to “negotiate with yourself.” In her unique voice, Fox will bring new life to the timeless wisdom that the key to leadership, and to life, is to “know thyself.

When you think about accomplishing your goals, you probably think of yourself as singular, the one and only “you” that you see in the mirror each day. In this talk, Erica Ariel Fox will challenge that assumption, suggesting instead that we are all made of up multiple parts. In this view, full achievement means appreciating the distinct aspects of who you are, and then bringing out the best in each one of them. She will share what she calls “The Big Four®” dimensions of human nature, and point the way for you to maximize what you can create and contribute by developing them all. She also asks you to reflect on outer achievement vs. inner fulfillment, and how you will measure success over the course of your life.

Erica Ariel Fox is transforming the world of business today by standing for a new kind of leadership, a method she calls “WINNING FROM WITHIN®.” Going beyond conventional thinking about what leaders need to know, Fox advises top executives around the world on how to transform themselves. In a space often focused on the latest app or gadget, Fox speaks head on to what she calls “the inner technology” of getting results and leading into the future. A pioneer in bringing self-discovery and self-realization to senior leaders, Fox explains how this revolution in leadership development is one of the most important innovations of our time.

When business leaders set out to improve their organization, they look around the company for things to improve. Should we reorganize the roles and reporting lines? Streamline operations? Reduce headcount or reverse course in capital investment? While important, initiatives like these often fail because they overlook a fundamental principle: Organizations don’t change. People do. Based on 20 years of research and advising top executives about culture change, Erica Ariel Fox will explain how transforming your people – and yourself – is the necessary ingredient to any successful change effort.

Excellence in what you do means not only delivering results today, but getting better and better over time. In this presentation, Erica Ariel Fox presents the metaphor of you as a Voyager, traveling over the course of your life, forever learning and realizing more of your innate potential. She explains her concept of the “PERFORMANCE GAP®” between your optimal reactions – what you do at your peak — and your current reactions, that typically fall short of you at your best. Building on the latest findings about neuroplasticity along with timeless wisdom about human possibility, she inspires you to get out of your own way and start seizing all of life’s opportunities.