The reasons why some business leaders create global injustice

Author: Jo Confino

There is nothing in the world more exciting than watching people open up to a greater understanding of who they are.

It is like watching a tight bud open up into a fragrant flower or a chrysalis cracking open to reveal a butterfly within.

As an executive coach and a participant on leadership training courses, I have witnessed many business executives go through this moment of transformation. There is an extraordinary joy they experience when they wake up to the fact they have been going through their lives as if half asleep.

Their faces change. The tautness softens and their eyes shine. They often talk in subsequent months of improvements in their relationships with their families and at work.

Erica Ariel Fox, an experienced leadership trainer, points out that while change can be reversed, transformation crosses a threshold from which there is no going back. That’s because the moment of epiphany is so powerful and clear that it cuts through the tangled mind and shows a truth against which the ego cannot defend itself.

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