Aug 23, 2017

To Silence Your Inner Critic, Don’t Ignore It — Talk Back

When colleagues or clients give you tough feedback, you might take it in stride. But when the negative voice in your head chimes in, it can be tougher to combat self-doubt. The next time that voice starts criticizing you, don’t ignore it — respond. For example, if the negative voice says, “That talk was terrible,” you can reply, “You know what? No one gets it perfect every time.” The voice in your head needs to be heard, so hear it — but then give it some reassurance. This might feel unnatural and even awkward at first, but it will get more comfortable the more you do it. And addressing, rather than heeding, your inner critic will make you more confident.

Source: Adapted from “When Your Toughest Conversations Are the Ones You Have with Yourself,” by Erica Ariel Fox

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